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How are we different from others?


Sanjay Ghodawat Olympiad School (sangli)


Sanjay Ghodawat Olympiad School (sangli)

Our Vision for your child is :

To Help him/her to have a competitive spirit.
To make sure your child gets sufficient time for practice and preparation.
To make your child understand the basic concepts.
To help him/her to be better prepared , be mentally fit , manage stress and cultivate problem solving skills.


Good Command Over the Fundamentals in the Subjects.
To Inculcate Good Communication Skills by using Scientific methods Like Audio Visual aids,Language workshop & Modern Teaching Methods
To Inculcate Social & Ethical Values as "Today's Kid is Tomorrow's Citizen"
Good Nutritious Food , Games & Meditation

How do you choose a school ?

Is it a school with more Physical activities & Less Academics ?
Is it a State Board School with Maximum 95% marks ?
Is it a CBSE School with 'A' Grade ?

What is our School ?

A School with clear Goals and Emphasis on Target Oriented learning.
Every Teacher puts Relentless efforts to prepare our students to successfully crack the Competitive exams.

Why we have started this type of School ?

To Achieve more No. of selections in JEE Mains, Advance , NEET & AIIMS at par with Hyderabad , Kota & Bangalore.
To Train our Students in the right direction with a Proven Teaching Methodology and a Task Oriented program that will transform the students into a more confident individual and build a strong competitive spirit in them.


Do you want your child to be successful in compentitive exams like NTSE/M.T.S.E / Homi Bhabha / Pre-Secondary Scholarship Test.
Do you want your child to have Stress free education in Std.XI & Std XII ?
Do you also want him/her to have Exposure to competitive approach during high school days ?
Do you want your child to have an Awareness and Foresight about his/her future to prepare for the right Competitive examinations?
Do you want your child to be master in Application oriented fundamentals of Maths/Physics/Chemistry/Biology.
There is huge gap between Std.X & XI Syllabus.
They are introduced to both board as well competitive Syllabus.
They have to prepare for the various assessments through different study material.
It is but obvious that you need that students learn better when their parents take a close interest in their schooling and form partnerships with teachers.