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The mission of SGOS is to help students develop a competitive bent of mind for competitive exams like JEE Mains/Advance, Medical CET, NEET etc. We have received a tremendous response from parents and students in Sangli and it is their love and demand that we are also extending our branch of the school at Ichalkaranji. Previously Kolhapur - Sangli region lacked in awareness of the opportuni􀆟es students can have after cracking competitive exams. Sanjay Ghodawat IIT & Medical Academy and SG Olympiad School have been pioneer in bringing this awareness. We have already been producing achievers at Homi Bhabha, M.T.S.E, N.T.S.E & Pre-Secondary Scholarship etc., We hope to con􀆟nue with the success streak. At the Management level we offer our full support for the good work that is being carried out through SGOS. I wish the students, parents, staff and leadership all the

Very Best !
Shri. Vinayak Bhosale
Sanjay Ghodawat IIT and Medical Academy


It is a great joy to see the overwhelming response to our SG Olympiad school at Sangli. We are indebted to the love and support of the parents and students and thus are extending the school branch at Ichalkaranji from 2019. I am happy with the progress that the students have shown from this region. Our school recently has been acknowledged by Homi Bhabha Scholarship exams for ge􀆫ng the most number of medals in the Kolhapur - Sangli region. This goes on to prove the success we are acheiving with school kids by exposing them to competitive exams that will prove to be a gateway to premier engineering and medical ins􀆟tutes of the na􀆟on. Developing a logical bent of mind with keen acumen into solving problems is the spirit we inculcate our students with. We hope to develop leaders who do not step back when challenges face them but who face them headlong and find a solution to overcome them and thus emerge in academics as well as life. To this end I wish SGOS students, staff and parents

All The Very Best!
Mr.Srinivas Konduti(Vasu)
Sanjay Ghodawat IIT and Medical Academy


Olympiad School was a totally different concept that we introduced 3 years earlier in Sangli. We knew the poten..al of students of this region and wanted to give them an exposure to compe....ve exam world so that their educa..on a..er class 10 and further would be easier. We received good response from parents and students who put their trust in SG Olympiad School. We have not let them down as our results show and our students shinning at various compe....ve exam pla..orms. We hope to extend the same facility now to students of Ichalkaranji. We commence our branch from 2019 at the Manchester city. Compe....on should bring out the best in students, their reach should exceed their grasp as Robert Browning observed, "A man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's heaven for." I believe that all the curriculum, teaching - learning process, infrastructure, expert teachers with the help of our Management are poised to bring out the very best in our students. I welcome your sugges..ons and welcome you to SG Olympiad School.

Best Wishes!
Mr.Shri. Prabhu Srinivas. M
Sanjay Ghodawat Olympiad School(Sangli)